March 2021

These changes were made to in March 2021.

Web-App updates

  • Added: The download manager. File downloads are now handled in the background, so you can continue using while waiting for files to finish downloading.
  • Changed: Previously commissioned makers will now be shown to logged in users before any search terms were entered on the new request page.

February 2021

These changes were made to in February 2021.

Platform updates

  • Changed: Our Pricing. The new pricing models enables makers with low storage requirements to increase their earnings by disabling the growing cloud storage feature, now called Flex. Many storage-related A+ features are now included with Flex, at the same price of 20 % as before. Finally, A+ is now available independently of Flex as the optional Plus addon. Makers previously on Standard pricing are now on Flex, and makers previously on A+ pricing are now on Flex Plus, at the same cost as before. The new base price is 15 %.

Web-App updates

  • Added: A new submission page for commission requests. Customers can now search for makers by their name or vanity URL. Makers can enable showing up in the new request page search results in their dashboard.

January 2021

Various improvements were made to the backend, and future updates were prepared.

December 2020

These changes were made to in December 2020.

Platform updates

  • Added: Advanced commission request details. A+ makers can now receive advanced details in a structured format, such as a budget or deadline. The Budget, Deadline and referrer are now shown on the commission summary page. Custom referral links can be created by adding a ?ref=<custom-ref-value> query param to your maker page links.
  • Added: Cancelling commission requests. It is now possible to cancel commission requests before they have been accepted by the maker.
  • Changed: The Privacy Policy, effective Dec 22, 2020. Data processing, paragraph 1 now includes references to the Referer, and display resolution. Sub-processors, paragraph 1 now includes a provision regarding EU-SCC with Ably in preparation of Brexit.

Web-App updates

  • Added: The upload manager. Instead of waiting for files to finish uploading, all file uploads are now handled in the background, so you can immediately continue using You can view active uploads in the new upload manager.
  • Added: Human-readable relative timestamps. Instead of displaying exact timestamps, easily comprehendable relative timestamps are now used. Example: launched "about 1 year ago".
  • Added: Additional commission request details. All makers can now easily view more basic details about commission requests, such fee, request date, cloud storage zone, and response- and resolution times at a glance on the commission summary page.
  • Added: Advanced commission request details. A+ makers now have optional budget and deadline inputs on their request forms.
  • Changed: Commission request form on maker pages. The commission request form was reworked to make it more easily extendable while keeping the same functionality.

November 2020

These changes were made to in November 2020.

Platform updates

  • Added: The Watchlist. Customers can now add makers to their personal watchlist, to easily see which of their favourite makers are currently accepting requests.
  • Added: Waitlist for commission requests. Receive requests on a first-come-first-served waitlist, and only see new requests when you're ready to receive them. Plus makers can enable the waitlist in their commission request settings right now.

Web-App updates

  • Changed: The Homepage and account settings were reworked, and the watchlist was added.

October 2020

These changes were made to in October 2020.

Platform updates

  • Added: Option to allow multiple commission requests from the same customer. (Default: Not allowed)
  • Added: Feedback for makers and customers after finishing commission.
  • Changed: Reduced identity verification requirements for lower risk maker accounts.

Web-App updates

  • Added: Toast notifications for realtime events, with immediately actionable links.
  • Added: Menu icons in dashboard, commissions and profile pages.
  • Added: Feedback form for makers and customers after finishing commission.
  • Added: Locale switcher to navbar (previously too hidden in the footer).
  • Added: New font for all devices ("Atkinson Hyperlegible") to improve accessibility and create a consistent cross-platform experience. (Previously used system fonts, resulting in different looks across operating systems)
  • Changed: Renamed dashboard "Features" menu to "Settings", and added tab to change commission request settings. (Number of open slots, Allowing multiple requests per customer, Default File Storage Zone)
  • Changed: Maker page creation now uses the new design for all users. (You can access the old layout here for the time being)
  • Removed: Browser Notifications (Realtime updates are now provided via in-application toast notifications) launched on Oct 7, 2020, 2:30 PM.