Commissions made simple.

Commissions made simple. takes care of the tedious tasks like invoices, emails and file sharing, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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Inbox Cleanup

Messaging with your clients

No more chaos in your inbox – Chat with your clients in real time and recieve notifications about new messages. Say goodbye to long email chains, forgotten clients and missed opportunities.


Image Upload

Sharing files

Whether it's samples, references or finished works – You and your clients can upload files to your shared cloud storage. You can easily lock files until you are paid.

Art Lover
Credit Card Payment

Sending invoices

Make your own payment structure – You choose when and how much to charge your clients, including for extra revisions, material costs or special requests.

Message Sent

Simple Commissions

For Everyone: 12.5% per payment


You can offer many kinds of artistic or creative services, as long as they can be delivered digitally through This includes art commissions, such as portraits, logo designs, and more.

Unlike many gig-economy marketplaces, at you don't compete with other artists for the lowest price, but you bring your own customers that you find through your social media, exhibits or word of mouth. When you open up commission slots, just share your profile with your customers to recieve requests directly through We won't ask you to make hot deals or lower your prices to get featured somewhere.

You can reject requests for any reason, whether you don't have time, your customer asks a service you don't offer or their budget doesn't match up with your prices. If you've already recieved payment, you may refund your customer at no cost to you.

Yes! The 12.5% commission fee includes all payment processing fees, including the fees to payout to your bank account. Regardless of where your customer lives, or what payment method they choose, you will earn the same amount. Also, we'll fully refund our fee when you issue a refund. Your success is our success!

You can start working on a request at any time. It's up to you whether you want to charge your customer upfront, ask for a partial deposit or only require payment on completion. You can upload previews, such as watermarked or higher compressed versions of your final product, without requiring any payment, or you can lock finished files until payment is recieved.